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The Ballpark in Arlington

Proud home of MLB team the Texas Rangers, the Ballpark in Arlington, opened on April 1, 1994, and serves not only as the home of the Texas Rangers, but also as the crown of a 270 acre area that establishes Arlington as an entertainment giant in the Southwest. The Ballpark facilities include a baseball museum, a children's learning center, a home run porch in right field, and a youth baseball park.

The surface of The Ballpark in Arlington is natural grass and the field is asymmetrical with distances from home plate to the back wall ranging from 325 feet to 407 feet. The field is 22 feet below street level, and 114 feet from street level to the highest point on the roof canopy.

The innovative scoreboard in The Ballpark in Arlington includes a Sony JumboTRON video board that is 24 by 32 feet that provides fans with high quality video highlights and animations throughout the game. The right field scoreboard has a game-in-progress board that provides up to the minute statistics on the game currently in progress, a black and white matrix board provides statistical and general information; a SportsTicker on the upper wall gives updated scores from other MLB games of the day.

Amenities of The Ballpark in Arlington include

  • Legends of the Game Baseball Museum: an exhibit of more than 1,000 baseball artifacts spanning back to the 19th century
  • A 225 seat auditorium
  • Children’s Learning Center
  • A youth ballpark
  • Picnic areas
  • Natural grass amphitheater