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Cotton Bowl

The Cotton Bowl on the State Fairgrounds in Dallas is a field full of history. The stadium was built in 1930 during the Great Depression for $328,000. Tenants of the Cotton Bowl have included the Dallas Cowboys, and the Dallas Texans who became the Kansas City Chiefs. The most current tenants are the SMU Mustangs who played here until their new stadium was erected, and the Dallas Burn who have played since the conception of Major League Soccer.

The annual SBC Cotton Bowl Classic is played every January, and the Red River Shootout is played every October between Texas and Oklahoma during the State Fair of Texas. The national collegiate championship has been decided at the Cotton Bowl eight times. The college bowl game has been played here every year for sixty-six years. The participants in the Cotton Bowl Classic are chosen every year from the Big XII and SEC conferences of the NCAA. The Big XII provides the anchor team and the SEC determines the opponent by comparable record. Each organization receives $3 million for their participation.\

Uses for the Cotton bowl are not limited to football; the stadium is also used for:
Sporting Events

  • World Cup and other international soccer
  • Tournaments

Entertainment Events

  • Concerts
  • Rallies