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DFW International Airport

The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport opened to air traffic on January 13, 1974. The dedication of DFW Airport included the first U.S. landing of the supersonic Concorde. Just three months after opening, the airport averaged 18,000 passengers a day, and American Airlines announced plans to move its corporate headquarters from New York to Fort Worth adjacent to DFW Airport. By the early 1990s, annual traffic at DFW Airport surpassed 50 million for the first time and by the late 1990s, DFW became the fastest-frowing gateway to Latin America and established nonstop routes to Mexico and South America.

DFW International Airport has four terminals, they are:

  • Terminal A - American/American Eagle flights
  • Terminal B - which serves America West, American, Continental, United, US Airways, and most non-US airlines
  • Terminal C = American Airlines flights
  • Terminal E - Aeromexico, AirTran, Delta and Northwest flights

    In the year 2000, DFW Airport was the fifth busiest airport in the world, and with a new terminal being constructed, growth is continuous.