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Lake Arlington

Located on Village Creek, a tributary of the West Fork Trinity River, Tarrant County, and just north of Interstate 20 off Arkansas Lane in Arlington, Lake Arlington provides over 2,000 acres of natural splendor. The lake was impounded in 1957 and has a maximum depth of more than 50 feet and murky water clarity. The water level of Lake Arlington fluctuates 12 feet throughout the year. There is very little aquatic vegitation in Lake Arlington, but hydrilla was once found in the lakest.

Lake Arlington is controlled by the City of Arlington. There is excellent lake access all around the lake, and there are three boat rams located throughout the lake. Fishing piers and picnic areas are located at each of the three boat ramps, but there are no camping areas. The City of Arlington requires a boat usage permit for any boats on Lake Arlington.

The predominant fish species of Lake Arlington are Florida largemouth bass, hybrid striped bass, white bass, white crappie, and channel catfish, and flathead catfish. State regulations apply to all other sport fish harvested in Lake Arlington. Besides the fishing piers at the three boat ramps, Lake Arlington does not offer many other fishing structures in its surroundings.

Form maps and information, the controlling authority office on Arkansas Lane can be contacted at 817.451.6860.