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North Lake Park

North Lake is on the South Fork of Grapevine Creek, just two miles southeast of Coppell in northwest Dallas County. There is a park located on the south shore of the lake. In 1956, North Lake Dam was built. It is a compacted earth-fill structure that features a spillway elevation of 510 feet above mean sea level.

North Lake was originally intended as a cooling reservoir for an electric generating plant, had a drainage area of three square miles, and was run by the Dallas Power and Light Company, but by 1978 it was utilized for recreational fishing in addition to its industrial purposes. At this time, fish growthwas limited due to the low nutrient levels that the damn created, but in 1978 the Dallas Parks and Recreation Department began to fertilize the waters and stocking the lake with bass.

North Lake Park provides fishing access to the public, but there is no swimming allowed. In 1992, North Lake had a conservation storage capacity of 17,000 acres and a conservation surface area of 800 acres. For further information on North Lake Park, contact Dallas Parks and Recreation at 214.670.4100.